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Civilization Advancement is one of the most important factors to become a powerful player in Empire Rising. All constructed building types have limits in Upgrade levels. Once all buildings for each Age are built and level has been upgraded that meets the requirements for the next civilization advancement a player can start advancing to the next age. Once players’ civilizations have advanced to the next Age, there are more building types, military classes, and technological research options available for players to enjoy more powerful economy and military performance.

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Dark Age

Dark Age.
All players will start in Dark Age. During this age, Town Center, House, Barrack, Embassy, Abbey, Wooden Wall, Stone Plant, Iron Smelter, Lumber Mill, and lumber Mill. All of these can be upgraded by maximum level 5. Once a player has constructed all these buildings and have all of them upgraded to level 5 and has required amount of resources for civilization advancement, the player can start Civilization Advancement process.

In feudal age, players can now build Practice Range, Stable, University, Market addition to the buildings available during Dark age. All the buildings can be upgraded to maximum level 12. Also, during Feudal age, players are now able to research different technologies in barracks, Stable, and practice range which they will be able to hire more diversified and powerful military units.

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Feudal Age

In castle age, players can build a castle and siege workshop is his/her territory. All of the buildings can be upgraded up to level 20. Building a castle will allow players to produce more specialized military units and the siege workshop will allow players to build siege weapons for more effective warfare game play.

The final stage of civilization advancement is the Empire age where you can build Monument which will improve player’s troops attack power, defense power, movement speed which will dramatically improve player’s war ability. All the buildings can be upgraded to level 20.

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Castle Age

Dark Age is more like a tutorial based era where players are getting to learn the game play and game interface. However, after reaching feudal age is more likely to be the place where players are start playing their own creative plays. It will take more time to develop territories but once the development is completed, there are much more activities to do and players will have more fun playing Empire Rising.
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Empire Age